Joint Statement by Labour Unions: Condemnation of the Police Force for Forced Termination of Assembly Today and Release of Tear Gas at the Assembly


The following labour unions condemn the police force for forcibly terminated the “Universal Siege on Communists Assembly” today (19th January) at 4:20pm, followed by the release of tear gas at the assembly site only 10 minutes after; neglecting the safety of peaceful protesters. During the time, Chater Garden was filled up inside and out by citizens. The police force has reserved no time for citizens to peacefully leave the scene, and even dispersed citizens with violence. Labour unions hereby jointly condemn such unreasonable action by the police force, of disrupting the order of peaceful assembly, lack of effort over evacuation, and neglect towards the safety and security of participants.

The Universal Siege on Communists Assembly was held in over 20 cities in more than 10 countries today, to hold the CCP and the HKSAR Government accountable. It is most regretful that the HKSAR Government chose to continue its suppression over Hongkongers by objecting the March and forcibly terminate the peaceful assembly. According to article 27 of the Basic Law, “Hong Kong residents shall have freedom of speech, of the press and of publication; freedom of association, of assembly, of procession and of demonstration; and the right and freedom to form and join trade unions, and to strike.” The Unions urge that the Hong Kong Police Force respect Hong Kong people’s right to rally and march, and to stop disrupting and suppressing peaceful assemblies.

Today, street booths were set up by over 20 labour unions at the site of assembly for member recruitment. Unfortunately it was terminated early due to disruption by the police force. Regardless of suppression we shall face, we promise to continue our fight with labour movement, organise unions, and together we march along.

19th January 2020

Co-signed list: (Continuously updated, last updated on 24th January 2020)

Hong Kong Public Relations and Communications Professional Union
Hong Kong Early Childhood Educators’ Union Preparatory Committee
Hong Kong Information Technology Workers’ Union
Railway Power
Hong Kong Design Industries Union Preparatory Committee
Hong Kong Marketing & Sales Professionals Union Preparatory Committee
Hong Kong Event Professionals Union Preparatory Committee
Accounting Bro’Sis Labour Union Preparatory Committee
Hong Kong Hotel Employees Union
Hong Kong Theatre Arts Practitioners Union (Preparatory Committee)
Hong Kong Construction and Engineering Employees General Union
Preparatory Committee of Government Non-Civil Service Staff General Union
HA Employees Alliance
Hong Kong Financial Industry Employees General Union
Hong Kong Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Industries Employees General Union Preparatory Committee
HK Trading, Merchandising and Purchasing Employee Union Preparatory Committee
The General Union of Hong Kong Speech Therapists
Hong Kong Freelancer Service Union Preparatory Committee
Preparatory Committee of the Union of Hong Kong Occupational Therapists
Organizing Committee of Hong Kong Testing and Certification Union
Hong Kong Alliance of Accounting Professionals
Construction Site Workers General Union
Catering and Hotel Industry Employees General Union
Hong Kong Music Industry Union
Hong Kong White Collar (Administration and clerical ) Connect Union